Founded in 1999, SHENB is a medical device manufacturing company specialising in radiofrequency technology (RF).

The USP of SHENB is based on innovative R&D which has enabled numerous patents to be registered. SHENB is continuing to grow globally with distributors in over 60 countries worldwide from the United States to Europe, Middle East and Far East.

SHENB’s mission is to pioneer medical device technology development in aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. This has led SHENB to create devices such as, VIVACE, which is one of the leading microneedling radiofrequency devices globally recognised. Since its launch on the US market in 2018, VIVACE has won multiple awards consecutively each year.
In 2019 at the My FACE My BODY Awards, VIVACE won Skincare Device of the year United States. In 2020 at the Aesthetic Everything Award, VIVACE won Top Aesthetic RF Device United States and in 2021 at the New Beauty Awards, winning again the best microneedling RF device USA. This highlights the outstanding clinical performance of VIVACE.
With 30% of SHENB’s staff dedicated in driving innovations in medical device technologies, SHENB launched PLADUO, the world’s first Nitrogen-Argon Plasma energy-based device in 2020.
EvoCyte is proud of its collaboration with SHENB and invites your clinic to offer these technologies.


One of the leading microneedling radiofrequency devices globally recognised.