Theraderm is one of the leading Korean medical skincare and natural organic acid peel companies supplying over 2000 aesthetic, dermatology and plastic surgery clinics worldwide.

Theraderm distributes to over 25 countries globally from Russia, Europe, Asia to the Gulf countries. The founder Prof Y.M.Kim initially developed the concept of Medical Skin Care in 1998 to introduce aesthetic treatments to the dermatology clinics in Seoul.

Theraderm South Korea was subsequently established in 2005 and has since been at the forefront of research and development of cutting-edge medical skin care and organic acid peels. The clinical research trials performed by the dermatological department of Samsung Hospital,Seoul is the foundation of the superior efficacy of Theraderm products.

Theraderm Medical Skin Care range is one of the most clinically result driven cosmeceuticals from the highly competitive cosmetic dermatology market in Seoul. The technologies incorporated in the cosmeceuticals include nanotechnology, nanofibers, liposomal delivery systems, biofermentation and inonisation. These transdermal delivery systems maximise the delivery of actives deep in the dermis and their sustained released technology ensures their long-lasting effects. The ingredients used range from stem cells to peptides, growth factors, pure botanicals to the most advanced dermatological actives such as tranexamic acid.

Theraderm has strong relationships with world class laboratories across the United States, France, Germany and South Korea from which organic botanicals, growth factors, peptides and stem cell proteins are sourced.
Theraderm has devised biofermentation methods to create natural organic acid peels from Korean plants such as Kudzu, Black rice bran and other fermented plant extracts. Being organic with a ph of 3.5, these organic peels cause minimum skin irritation, no downtime whilst preserving the skin microbiome. The organic peeling programs are combined with the most advanced dermatological actives such as peptides, plant stem cells to treat the dermatological skin concern. These unique peels are favoured by dermatologists worldwide due to the high tolerance for their problematic and sensitive skin patients.

The BioCell White Serum for skin rejuvenation and pigment correction and BioCell Hair Serum were award winning stem cell cytokine therapies at the Asian Dermatology Congress in 2008. The Stem Cell clinical products manufactured by Theraderm has been recognised globally as one of the best freeze-drying technologies of stem cells to maintain their clinical efficacy.

Aestrogn Lifting Peel won most innovative peel at IMCAS Paris 2018. It was recognised to be an organic acetic acid that is as effective as a TCA peel but any without downtime. Theraderm DeMela O2 Peel has been accepted for presentation at the World Congress of Dermatology 2021 as a novel superficial depigmenting peel that has the ability to preserve the skin microbiome.

EvoCyte is pleased of this collaboration with Theraderm South Korea to introduce their know how in medical skin care and organic acid peels to the UK clinics.